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JSCS Vol 01 1930Early members of the Serbian Chemical Society published their professional articles on chemistry in 1898 and 1899 in Nastavnik (the Teacher), a journal of the Teachers' Society.  However, already at the beginning of 1899 the Society published a separate Bulletin under the name of Minutes of the Serbian Chemical Society. From 1899 to 1906, 11 issues of the Minutes were published.  In 1906 publication of the Minutes ceased.  In 1914 a report by M. Stojiljkovic for the period 1904-1906 was published in the Teacher.  Those were the first publishing activities of the Serbian Chemical Society.

In the Statute of the Society which was passed in January 1927, several articles referred to the professional journal.  In article 5 dealing with the means of realizing the tasks of the Society, it was said that this would be achieved, among other things, "by publishing a professional journal". Three more articles of the Statute referred to publishing magazines; article 34: "The Administrative Committee is to organize the publication of a professional journal as a periodical of the Society," article 35: "The Society will issue separate regulations about editorial work and publication of the journal," article 36: "The professional journal will be printed at a location which the Administrative Committee finds most suitable for the interests of the Society. All members of the Editorial Board need not necessarily be from the town where the journal is published, for they can communicate in written form." The journal of the Serbian Chemical Society was founded three years after the Statute had been passed.

However, already in the same year when, after the First World War, the restored Serbian Chemical Society started working, i.e. in 1927, several chemical papers were published. The first two years, 1927 and 1928, the papers were published in a journal both for chemistry and pharmacy: The Archives for Entire Chemistry and Pharmacy which was published as a supplement to Glas apotekarstva (the Voice of Pharmacy), the journal of the Serbian Pharmaceutics Society.  The Journal was edited by A. Leko, P. Jovanovic and M. Mokranjac, as well as by the former Editor of the Voice of Pharmacy M. Mirkovic. The first year three issues were published and in the following year, 1928, one issue.  In 1929 the Journal separated from the Voice of Pharmacy and was published independently under the name of Anali hemije i farmacije (Annals of Chemistry and Pharmacy).  Only one issue was published because in 1930 the Chemical Society of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes started its own scientific and professional publication Glasnik Hemijskog Drustva Kraljevine Jugoslavije (The Journal of the Chemical Society of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia). Nikola Pusin was entrusted with the editorial work. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal till the beginning of the Second World War.  The first editorial board was elected on March 25th, 1930.

The last pre-war volume of the Journal, volume 10 in 1939, contained 15 papers, 3 reports, 4 communications and 1 obituary on 219 pages. The last paper was received in mid-December, 1940 which means that the last issue of that year was published either at the end of 1940 or, which is more probable, at the beginning of 1941.

The first post-war volume of the Journal was published in 1947 under the name Glasnik hemijskog drustva Beograd (Journal of the Chemical Society of Belgrade). That year, two volumes were published: volume 11, designated 1940-1946, and volume 12 for 1947.  The Editorial Board for publication of the Journal was named at the end of 1945, and constituted at the beginning of 1946.  Nikola A. Pusin remained on as Editor-in-Chief. At the beginning of 1957 the Administrative Committee of the Society decided that from January, 1957 papers could be published in English, German, Russian and French, with a short summary in the national language.  The first paper written in English was published in the triple issue 5-6-7.  It was the paper by Velimir Canic and Radmila Djordjevic, accepted on May 11th, 1957: The Basicities of Pyridine-Monocarboxyllc Acid Ethyl Esters and the Equilibrium Between Dipolar Ions and Uncharged Molecule in Solutions of These Acids. From 1957 the Journal has the title Documenta Chemica Jugoslavica at the top of its covers. This was the outcome of long-term efforts of the Union of Chemical Societies of Yugoslavia to achieve some definite uniformity in publishing journals and in promoting the scientific level papers published in Yugoslav chemical periodicals. Only journals that agreed to respect an agreement about a number of technical question mostly, that papers could only be published after having been given at lea two positive reviews, were allowed to have this title. After 1957, that is, after volume 22 had been published, the Journal due to the shortage of financial means, was not published for almost three years.  By the beginning of 1961 one special issue of the Journal had been published. That issue contained the author, subject and formula, indexes of volumes 1-10 (1930-1939), published in 1958, and 6 issues of volumes 23-24 for 1958159.  At the beginning of 1961 some means were obtained from the Fund for Publishing Activities and the Council for Culture of Serbia. Some means were also obtained from institutions whose members published their papers in the Journal. In order to regulate the financial situation of the Journal, the Administrative Committee decided to introduce advertisements in the Journal so that some money could be collected in that way. The publishing house "Nolit" in 1961 agreed to publish parallel editions of the Journal in English with the assistance of International Technical Funds.  The number of printed copies in 1961 was 1280, of which 70 copies were exchanged for foreign journals from 24 countries and 15 with domestic publishers. In 1963, due to the publication of the delayed issues of volume 27 for 1962, only issues 1 and 2 of volume 28 for 1963 were published; other issues were published in 1964. As the delay in the publication of the Journal was longer and longer, the Administrative Committee of the Society was forced to change publishers. Volume 28 had 59 papers. The Editors continued to encourage members of the Society to more frequently send their papers to the Journal, because the publication of all 10 issues "depended exclusively on their scientific activity." The appeal to authors for their intensive co-operation failed, and in 1964 the number of papers was reduced to 36. Consequently, the triple issue 8-9-10 contained only abstracts of the 11th Annual Meeting.  During that year Djordje M. Dimitrijevic was appointed new Editor.  The new Editorial Board issued new extended rules on how to prepare manuscripts for publication. In 1965 the number of papers decreased again - 33 papers on 337 pages. Beside 10 issues, volume 30 also had a separate supplement containing the Proposal of the Yugoslav Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry Made on the Basis of the Recommendations of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry.  The Serbian version of the proposal was done by Prof. Vukic Micovic.In 1968 Aleksandar R. Despic was elected Editor-in-Chief.  In the triple issue 2-3-4 bibliographic cards appeared for the first time They contained summaries of published papers and universal decimal classification; these cards were published regularly till 1978.  The total of published papers was 45 in three triple issues (2-3-4, 5-6-7, 8-5-10).

In 1972, apart from 5 double issues with 36 papers, the jubilee issue of the Journal was published on occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Society.  In that issue Prof.  Djordje Dimitrijevic, President of the Society, gave a detailed review of the history of the Society, which included both the foundation of the Journal and its activities in former years. The Editor of the jubilee volume was Prof.  Dragomir Vitorovic. In 1976 Prof. Slobodan V. Ribnikar was named Editor-in-Chief. The same year the Journal came out in a new more modem outfit, and the authors were given new instructions on to how to prepare their text.  The number of papers was suddenly increased, which, to some extent, was a consequence of the more regular publication of the Journal.  The Journal was introduced into international classification according to which it was given the label YU-ISSN 0017-0941.  The Journal had 589 subscribers in Yugoslavia and 38 abroad, and 134 copies were sent abroad to be exchanged.

In June 1984 at the Annual Assembly of the Serbian Chemical Society, it was decided, beginning from volume 50 for 1985, to have all papers published only in English, and to have the title of the Journal changed to the Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society.  The summaries would continue being written in Serbian.

In 1985 the Journal was published exclusively in English, 12 issues a year, under the new name and with a different cover (designer Milan Jovanovic).  Eighty-three papers were printed on 582 pages.  Two more associates were included in editing the Journal, Prof. Milica Misic-Vukovic and Prof. Svetozar Niketic, as Assistants to the Editor-in-Chief Academician Dragutin M. Drazic was appointed Editor-in-Chief In 1986 he took over all editorial work together with the former Assistant Editors, Editorial Board and Council.

The Journal attained the largest scope in the course of 1995 on the 10th anniversary of being published under its new name and in English when 142 papers by 322 authors (25 foreign) were published on 1201 pages. At the request of the Institute for Scientific Information - SCI from Philadelphia (USA) a contract was made for the Journal to be included in their Genuine Articles Document Delivery Service.

At a meeting of the Administrative Committee of the Serbian Chemical Society in March 1950, at the initiative of Prof.  Aleksandar Leko and some of his closest colleagues, it was decided to start the professional journal Hemijski pregled (Chemical Review) primarily intended to spread chemical culture. The First Editors of the Chemical Review were Milenko Milic and Alfred Jeger. Of all the initiators of the Chemical Review, Prof.  Aleksandar Leko was the one who tended publication the most and who dealt with all problems related to it, so it may be said that he was in love with his creation - the Chemical Review.  To quote Prof.  A. Leko: "I have imagined the Chemical Review to be a journal of general chemical education, a journal to help all teachers, and especially those working in secondary schools, to refresh their teaching and make it more interesting.  In my opinion, such a journal is badly needed and that was why I have strongly supported it and have worked not only to maintain it but to see it gain its proper place in our country." The Chemical Review was published regular bimonthly till 1956, and the following Editors were appointed: Milenko Milic, 1952, Milenko Milic and Cedomirr Jenic, 1953, Dejan Delic, Milenko Milic and Slavko Rasajski, 1955. However, due to the financial difficulties of the Serbian Chemical Society with the sixth volume of that year, its publication was interrupted. After ten years the Chemical Review appeared again. At the beginning of 1967 the first volume came out under the supervision of its Editor-in-Chief, Prof. A. Leko, who again was the main initiator of the publication of the Review.  From that time six issues have been published annually. To the general satisfaction of all members of the Society, Prof.  Leko continued editing the Chemical Review till 1976.

After Prof. A. Leko, Prof.  Milosav Dragojevic 1977 was named Editor-in-Chief of the Chemical Review and he performed editorial duties till 1979 when Prof. Stanimir Arsenijevic was appointed Editor who is still performing this duty. In order to respond to all the tasks entrusted to the Review by its founders, and also to be well informed of developments in science, the Editorial Board of the Chemical Review continues to follow modem achievements in chemistry as a fundamental natural science, its application new materials, modem chemical industry, as well as to support the promotion of teaching chemistry at all levels.  It attempts to inform, not only members of the Serbian Chemical Society, but also other readers on novelties in chemistry and presents chemistry as a science which encompasses all parts of modem life. Chemistry is rightly expected to contribute to the solution of many strategic problems of the modem world.

The "youngest" publication of the Society are: The News from the Serbian Chemical Society, or shortly, just News.  They started being published in the ninth decade of the Society's existence (1978) with the idea that all members should be regularly informed of the many activities which are realised through the Society.  At the Annual Meeting Assembly held on January 16th, 1978, the decision to start publishing an informative newsletter was confirmed.  It would be published quarterly and would be delivered to all members free of charge.  The intention was that this publication become an interpreter and propagator of the basic goals of the Serbian Chemical Society. Over the past seventeen years 41 issues of the News were published - in the first years three issues annually, and then mostly two issues a year. The Editors of the News have been Teodor Ast, Radoslav Adzic and Smiljka Stevic, and since 1994 Dusanka Petrovic-Dakov. Apart from the three regular publications described in detail, publishing activities related to publishing presentations from scientific and professional meetings organized by the Society, has been exceptionally great. There are books in the form of proceedings with complete papers, books with extended summaries and books of abstracts. As the Society has organised at least one and usually several meetings a year in the last forty years, it ' is quite clear how enormous the publishing activity has been.

Among the many published books exceptional useful ones are the Serbo-Croatian English Dictionary - Chemistry and Related Sciences compiled by Prof. Slobodan Ribnikar who was induced by the mistakes in English texts he had come across during his thirteen years of experience of editing the Journal of the Chemical Society Belgrade and Popis Casopisa (List of journals) from the field of pure and applied chemistry in libraries in Serbia (1958) which was compiled by Prof.  Aleksandar Horovic.

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  • CoverEV 2021 V86 No11 400

    Vol 86 No 11 was published

    IF 2020 1.240

    New OnLine First Article

    Large-scale comparison between the diffraction-component precision indexes favors Cruickshank’s Rfree function
    Sorin Avram, Cristian Neanu
    10775 Graphical Abstract 70860 1 2 20210518

    New Accepted Manuscript

    Comparison of non-destructive techniques and conventionally used spectrometric techniques for determination of elements in plant samples (coniferous leaves)
    Jovana Orlić, Mira Aničić Urošević, Konstantin Vergel, Inga Zinicovscaia, Sanja Stojadinović, Ivan Gržetić, Konstantin Ilijević
    11186 Graphical Abstract 77756 1 18 20211127 1

  • Sekcija za organsku hemiju SHD i
    Centar za hemiju IHTM

    organizuju predavanja gostiju sa Instituta Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Hrvatska

    Dr Ivanka Jerić
    Multicomponent reactions towards new amino acid scaffolds

    Dr Matija Gredičak
    Construction of quaternary stereogenic centers in isoindolinones via chiral phosphoric acid catalysis

    1. decembar 2021. u 12.15 časova
    Veliki hemijski amfiteatar Hemijskog fakulteta, Studentski trg 12-16


  • Sekcija za materijale SHD-HDV

    organizuje sastanak sa predavanjem

    Dr. Atıf Emre Demet
    University in Konya, Turkey
    From Biomass to Value-added Chemicals

    Sreda, 01. 12. 2021. u 14.00 časova
    Plava sala Tehnološkog fakulteta u Novom Sadu


  • Sekcija za keramiku Srpskog hemijskog društva

    organizuje predavanje

    Dr Veljko Đokić, Inovacioni centar TMF
    Razvoj visokoefikasnih nanostrukturnih poluprovodničkih materijala za primenu u fotokatalizi i fotonaponskim ćelijama

    9. decembar 2021. u 14.00 časova, Svečana sala TMF, Karnegijeva 4/III, Beograd 

  • Списак активних чланова Друштва 
    је ажуриран 9. марта 2021
    (ново ажурирање почетком 2022.)

    Списак чланова са плаћеном чланарином за 2021.
    је ажуриран 5. јула 2021.
    (ново ажурирање почетком 2022.)

  • top2

    Универзитет Стенфорд је објавио листу 2 % најутицајнијих научника у свету према пресеку Скопуса 01.08.2021. и ажурираним подацима за 2020. годину. Честитамо члановима нашег Друштва који су се нашли на каријерној и годишњој листи

    University of Stanford released the list of top 2 % scientists in the world based on the Aug 01, 2021 snapshot from Scopus and is updated to citation year 2020 available HERE. Congratulations to the members of our Society who were recognized in the career and single year lists.

  • Чланарине и претплате за 2022. годину су непромењене, молимо све чланове да на време обнове чланарину.


    Чланови добијају часопис Хемијски преглед од првог следећег броја који буде публикован након евидентирања уплате чланарине.

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  • emec logo

    Serbian Chemical Society and Matica Srpska, on behalf of the Association of Chemistry and the Environment (ACE), will organize the 21st European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry (EMEC21). The meeting will take place in Novi Sad in November 30 to December 3, 2021.


  • ChemEu

    Na poziv Predsednika EuChemS Florisa Rutjesa, Slavica Ražić (predsednik Sekcije za analitičku hemiju EuChemS) i Péter Szalay (predsednik Sekcije za kompjutersku i teorijsku hemiju EuChemS), napisali su uvodnik za najnoviji broj glasila EuChemS, Chemistry in Europe.
    Članak Challenges towards a sustainable future, možete pročitati na

  • logo2 rvb

    На Генералној скупштини -EuChemS-a, одржаној онлајн 21. 10. 2021. проф. Славица Ражић, члан Управног одбора Српског хемијског друштва, изабрана је у Извршни одбор EuChemS-a. Кандидатуру проф. Ражић је подржало Друштво.

  • eurofood chem logo

    Конференција XXI EuroFoodChem у Београду одлажена за септембар 2023.
    Оn-line издање од 22. до 24. новембра 2021. године.

    Deadline for abstract submission for Oral and Flash Communicationsfor the XXI EuroFoodChem (on-line, 22-24 November 2021) has been extended until 15th October.
    Posters can be submitted until 30th October.



  • Banner site ISE name

    ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry
    PTASchool of Electrochemistry

    December 6-10, 2021

    50 participants position for one week of virtual 3 hours per day discussion about electrochemistry with different researchers around the world in a Zoom meeting room. The School is totally free and it is sponsored by Metrohm and ISE.


  • Green sample prep

    Студијска група и мрежа за припрему узорака EuChemS-DAC

    Члан се постаје лако, а чланство је бесплатно.



  • 16th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry
    Ioannina- Greece, June 6-10, 2021
    ОДЛОЖЕНО ЗА 2023.


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